Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Program Changes Nearing Completion -- Check Out the New Brochure!

Change is constant if you want to have a program that's up-to-date and relevant. Since May of 2005, the LTA Program has been scrutinized, updated and revised. Two courses were eliminated (Audio-Visual Materials and Reference & Public Services II). Two new required courses have been added to substitute for those: LTA 230 Library Public Services and LTA 274 Workplace and Supervisory Skills for the LTA. Two new elective courses have been added: LTA 252 Administration of the School Library Media Center and LTA 299 Special Topics in Library Science. All the courses but one been renumbered in a new scheme that can accommodate new classes in the future, if necessary. Have you wondered if the changes would ever end? Well, they probably won't end, but they may be slowing down a bit! A new brochure is at the printer to show you all of these changes. It should be ready within the next couple of weeks. Stop by the Library and pick one up from the LTA bulletin board in the Reference Room. Or get one near the Main Lobby Information Desk or outside the Communication Arts Division office in room B-237.


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