Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Course Numbers

Do you see some unfamiliar course numbers in the schedule? Throughout the past year and a half, we have been updating and revising all the LTA courses. Once that was completed, the courses were renumbered in an organized scheme that groups like courses together and allows room for new courses to be created in the future if they are needed. The new list goes like this: LTA 121 Introduction to Library Science (no change to this number). Technical and non-public functions are the 210s: LTA 210 Library Materials; LTA 212 Technology for Libraries; LTA 214 Cataloging and Classification. The 230s are public services: LTA 230 Library Public Services; LTA 232 Reference and Information Services. The 250s are Populations: LTA 250 Children's Library Services; LTA 252 Administration of School Library Media Services. The 270s are Workplace Skills and Experience: LTA 274 Workplace and Supervisory Skills for the LTA; LTA 276 Supervised Field Practicum, 2 hrs.; LTA 278 Supervised Field Practicum, 3 hrs. LTA 299 Special Topics in Library Science wraps it up. Don't worry about old number versus new numbers. Your courses will still lead you to graduation no matter what their number!


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