Thursday, December 01, 2011

Library Information Specialist Endorsement - Important Changes from the ISBE

Effective February 2012, the ISBE will make a change in the requirements for earning the Library Information Specialist (LIS) endorsement. Half of the 24 credit hours of coursework will need to be taken at the graduate level. This means that getting an endorsement entirely with CLC coursework will no longer be possible. The Regional Office of Education in Lake County has confirmed this. Here is a link to the ISBE info:

If you are already doing coursework for the endorsement, it is imperative that you go to the Regional Office and apply for the endorsement asap. They will identify the coursework that you need to complete and allow up to a year for you to finish under the current guidelines.

It is highly unlikely that the graduate schools will accept our courses to meet any of their requirements. This is of particular concern when it comes to prerequisites. Just as our Introduction to Library Science is a prerequisite for every subsequent LTA course, it the grad schools will likely have a foundations course that works the same way.

This is tough news. CLC LTA has been a cost-effective and geography-friendly pathway to earning the LIS endorsement. Unfortunately, that option will be more complicated. Please call with questions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So this applies to the endorsement not the LTA program as a whole?

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Blogger Jo said...

Yes. That's correct.

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